Holidays From The Owners

The owners would like you to experience a unique holiday where relaxing and doing nothing is the norm! 

 * Enjoy the quiet as you sip a cold glass of Efes (Turkish light beer). 

 * Take in the beautiful scenery that will live with you forever!

 * Soak up the sun, but remember to pack the suntan lotion and the after-sun. 
We would like to offer you a discounted rate, better than you would find on most holiday 
websites. You will be renting directly from the owner, thus cutting out the fees that would go to a holiday company. Choose a property and then you will be directed to the owner who will check if they have a vacancy. If not, they will either pass you on to another owner or you can contact another owner yourself. From then on the deal is between you and the owner. 
All the prices are the same from owner to owner, but there will be a price difference between apartments and villas.

The usual booking fee is £100.00 which is non-returnable, with full payment due 6 weeks before your holiday starts.

Again, all negotiations are done between you and the owner.

You can view either a typical apartment or villa below. Or read about them in full, over the next two pages.