The original Kemer town takes its name from the historic arch bridge located in the neighbourhood. On November 12, 2012, the Parliament 'as adopted by Law No. 6360 Kemer and 5 districts’ and 24 villages became a town and name change as a result to Seydikemer.

Located some 30 kilometres (19 mi) inland from Fethiye. This remains very much a traditional Turkish town. There are nevertheless a few ex-pats living there. As with most towns that have ex-pats in the area, a central cafe/bar serves as a local meeting place (Fatih's).

        Seydikemer had changed very little until a few years ago, when little improvements started around the town, like roads being block surfaced. New shops started popping up, restaurants, supermarkets and other buildings. There will be a lake very soon as well.

Good eating places are beginning to appear which is good news as we had only two to choose from. These being Fatih’s and Esinti’s, both serving great food. New ones like Yakka Park or the chicken shop add to the melting pot.

          A shopping trip around Seydikemer is a must, especially on a Friday. Friday is market day and is held on the road at the side of A101 supermarket. Fresh fruit and vegetables taste as they should and they will reawaken your taste buds. Get your fresh cheese here as well and you can try before you buy.
Seydikemer has no shortage of supermarkets with A101, Bim, Sok and Mendos. In fact, you can get everything from a lightbulb at the lightbulb shop or a piece of pipe to a washing machine or motorbike. Once you have had a wander on both sides of the river it’s time for a nice cool Efes at Fatih’s bar, or if you are driving a coke works just as good.