We believe that travel is worth it because it broadens the mind and gives us a different perspective on life. Travel enriches your life, as by visiting unique destinations and cultures you will become more open to alternative ways of living.

Turkey in our eyes is unique in every way and caters for a wide variety of interests.

    We have found that the food tastes better as most restaurants in the area use locally grown produce that is fresh and colourful. They also cater for all and have a variety of cuisines to suit every taste. Portions are generous, so remember to save room for dessert.

    The people are so charming and polite and always go out of their way to make your stay perfect, whether it be having a meal, at your hotel or even shopping. If you are shopping though and you get offered tea, it is considered impolite if you refuse.

    You will find history all around you. No matter where you go in Turkey you will not be far away from some site of archaeological significance. For example, within a few miles of the Country Club, you will find some rock tombs just the other side of Oren.

    Every time we have visited Turkey we have instantly relaxed and the stresses of the home have disappeared. The pace of life, particularly in rural Turkey, is slower than at home. The wonderful weather, crisp fresh air, and marvellous scenery make it so easy to relax.

   Is it Safe?

     There are owners, holidaymakers and expats who love Turkey and come back year after year or make Turkey their home. Istanbul is 519 miles away. Ankara is 442 miles away and the Syrian border is 647 miles away. Consider Manchester to London is only 210 miles away. Is that safe? We have never seen any problems and neither have our friends who live over there. Neither have we heard of anything happening in the local area. Safety is something only you can perceive and take care of. But we always feel safe when holidaying in Ceylan.

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So Why Turkey?